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Austin, Texas (LOL this does not deserve this AP style thingy) — Before I get started with this, I just want to say I love playing pickleball. It's a fun activity for all ages that I can play with my friends, and it has definitely been picking up around the country (and the world!).

That being said, they are not above the law. Which is not what the title of this reddit post would suggest.

Sounds sad, doesn't it? Until you realize that they set up a commercial pickleball court on the top of a parking garage without any permits. And had been advertising and making money all this time with millenial-ass branding vowing to "Keep Austin Weird." In the comment section of an Instagram post, people were itching to fight back. Wanting something called "pickleball disobedience." Which I guess is some play on civil obedience?

yeah that is a pickleball court on top of a parking garage

Oh. It started here in SF I guess. If it didn't please let me know! This is fascinating.

But the story goes on. If we read the Instagram post, it says that "Despite our best efforts and extensive negotiations, we have been unable to secure the necessary city zoning permissions to keep the Austin Pickle Ranch on West 6th open."

Unable to secure the necessary city zoning permissions? So they have been operating and making money and trying to secure the permits while raking in cash and opening a really nice brand new location and then the big bad government finally defeated them and said NO. Is that the story here?

I don't think it's much of a pickleball story — the type of business that this is wouldn't really matter any other way. The real story is they started operating their business with minimal startup cost (guerilla pickleballing sans permits and such), got revenue and potentially some investor interest, opened a large new location that is super nice and has a lot of amenities, then had to shut down their initial location?

Honestly sounds like the owners made out like bandits.

To be completely fair here, I think the top of a parking garage that doesn't seem to be near anything for that matter is a great place to put a pickleball court. It was a good idea and they really should have gotten those permits before starting out. They might be able to get it back. Maybe ... just get the permits next time buddy. The violations don't sound THAT bad. Don't see any fines or anything, just to cease operations.

This was either very well thought out or not at all. But the owners seemed to really have ended up on top here.

anonymous subscriber borrows expansion screws from their aunt

Today in one of the replies for anonymous subscriber news someone supplied the XiaoHongShu (Chinese uh ... tumblr? instagram? reddit?) profile for the galvanized square steel meme. Which, by the way, is 鍍鋅方鋼管 (Du4Xin1Fang1Gang1Guan3) in Chinese.

the galvanized square steel came from xiaohongshu, i started following them in january and saved some of their videos- i think this is the original profile, the bio says ""Lingying Design is in Changsha. We serve the whole country until we are satisfied. And 100% of our design business comes from all over the country. We have 10 years of off-site design experience. If you like it, please follow us at [email protected]"" xiaohongshu profile- https://www.xiaohongshu.com/user/profile/5cac900a000000001201db9b?xhsshare=CopyLink&appuid=65d99312000000000401f016&apptime=1717300484 "

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This is my friend’s cat Zeus. She was found on the highway as a kitten, and named for her broken “z” shaped tail. As you can see, she is long. - Emi Chan

Supremely esteemed subscriber Emi Chan is BACK WITH MORE ANIMALS. My new boss actually also has a cat with a funny tail — hers only has a little stub for a tail and it's really cute! Send me your animals at [email protected]!