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things i think about while powerwashing 78

things i think about while powerwashing 78
random flower i found in nyc

Usually I just talk about random shit. This week is no different. Welcome to my favorite meme of the last few months: galvanized square steel beams. China finally realized that Americans love their steel, so they decided to export their steel memes as well.

The first time the videos came across my feed, I thought it was serious. The CGI art showed Little John and his wife accidentally having 1 million kids at once. Needing to satisfy this sudden demand for bedding and housing, Little John and his wife kicked down the walls of his warehouse and rebuilt the structures using "galvanized square steel beams and eco-friendly wood veneer" — not to mention expansion screws borrowed from his aunt. By the end of the minute you've found yourself looking at the most absurd yet functional architectural design ever.

This goes on for maybe 1,000 videos. Scroll down @homedesign369's page on Tiktok or Instagram and become enamored with the beautiful wood veneers and expansion screws of China.

I really don't know too much about the origins of the channel though. The most I could find is that they originated on Weibo or Billibilli and the Chinese people on those sites are pretty amused that this has turned into one of their biggest meme exports.

Just wanted to share my newest favorite meme. If you have a hole in your heart, don't fear. Little John will be there to patch it with galvanized square steel beams and eco-friendly wood veneers.

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animal of the week

A seal found in Iceland.

Found this guy at Ytri Tunga, a popular seal spotting spot in the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in northwestern Iceland. It's labelled as a golden sand beach (since there are black-sanded beaches in Iceland) and well worth an hour or so of watching. I got to be within 20 feet of one, but they definitely start to get spooked if you get too close. The best rule-of-thumb I found was to stay out of the water and they'll be fine with you. Send me your animals at [email protected]!