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Two countries later, I am ready to return to the US! I’ve been doing a wee bit of traveling, making some stops in NY and throughout Europe. And I’ve been doing it alone!

Solo travel was not something I thought I was going to be doing this year but there I was, the only person I knew standing within a 50-mile radius as I slowly climbed my way up the sandy side of a crater. Being someone who is usually super social or accompanied by a cat it was a journey to embrace being alone and deciding what to do for myself and myself only.

That’s not to say I don’t want to travel with friends at all — but it’s been a great and refreshing experience. I realize that solo travel can be dangerous for women and other marginalized groups but I really do recommend you all to give it a try.

Short issue this time, but we’ll be back in action next week. Enjoy this wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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Ok I feel like if you walk 10 miles with a person and want to hang out with them again … you have to like them … right??? Tell me about your exciting and nauseating dates at the form below.

  • anonymous subscriber fears they will never be loved for who they are anymore
  • anonymous subscriber watched a knicks game for the first time only for them to flag by 20 points starting at halftime. sad
  • anonymous subscriber who went on a 10 mile walking date and felt nauseous has chosen to ignore the signs and agreed to a third date
  • anonymous subscriber says knicks in 7

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