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things i think about while powerwashing 76

things i think about while powerwashing 76
From Big Sur!

Still on the road! I’ve been doing quite a bit of driving and have now realized that bad drivers are everywhere. Literally no escaping them. Just like how we keep getting older and have to figure out who we are in our lives and find our communities and accept that not everything will be okay.

Just like our hobbies! I think there was some good discussion about hobbies last week and how you can treat each hobby, but there’s also the big problem of finding THE hobby that you’re gonna drop a lot of money on. And a big problem is that … sometimes you already have dropped the money before you find out it was not the one that you want to drop it on.

Though, I think this isn’t really a big deal (so long as you are not in credit card debt following said purchases). Maybe like a year ago if you asked me the same question I would have said it would be a bit excessive in spending. The truth is we’ll never really know, and the best thing we can do is balance following our heart and our brain in the moment that we make the decision.

The easiest helper is, of course, time. Here’s an example.

In the summer before sophomore year of college, I downloaded Final Fantasy 14. I designed my character. I started playing. And I told my friends! For those unaware, FF14 is a massive multiplayer online game that … takes a lot of time. Time that I did not have as a sophomore in computer science. Something that esteemed subscriber Noah Curran made me realize.

One could argue, I guess, that you could carve out time for the hobby. But since I was in school I’d just be carving out time from schoolwork to do it. I’m not in school anymore. So what would it be taking away from? Well hopefully not work so we’ll set that aside for later.

I guess I also try to link my hobbies together? Should hobbies be how you have friends? Should you choose hobbies based on the likelihood of joining a community??? idk man. we all just out here.

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  • anonymous subscriber walked 10 miles on a second date and started feeling nauseous halfway through. is this a sign???
  • anonymous subscriber is finally going to read babel Ryan are you proud editor’s note: sure?
  • there have been five false toxic gas alarms in the last two weeks each lasting an hour and productivity is at a startling low point
  • stardew valley on the switch is only $15 and anonymous subscriber has been playing it for 4 hours a day so it’s a great investment
  • anon who caught feelings and talked about it in powerwashing 50 is now doing a crosscountry CA-NY LDR with that person editor’s note: thank you for the update AND CONGRATS WE (rhetorical we) ARE SO PROUD AND HAPPY FOR YOU

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