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things i think about while powerwashing 75

things i think about while powerwashing 75

Another week passes as we careen towards our fate at an alarming rate.

Just kidding! Why would I be so grim on a Saturday morning. Maybe it’s because I spent way too much time overanalyzing my hobbies and how to categorize hobbies in general. You ever ask someone what their hobby is and it really just resolves down to buying things? And nothing to really do with anything? But then that same hobby could have skill expression, there could be some type of creativity done with it.

So my hypothesis is that every hobby has three segments: skill expression, historical/cultural value, and collector.

To make things a little more clear, I’ll use the very concrete example of photography and cameras.

1. skill expression

I have a camera. I desire to get better, and watch YouTube videos on how to edit photos and how to have more creative shoots. I get depressed when photos don’t turn out well, and I generally try to get out and shoot to improve myself. This would be skill expression! You’re trying to be creative, and trying to get better. Money spent is towards improved skill or outcomes.

2. Historical/cultural value

Hypothetically, I have a collection of old cameras. Each one has a sentimental or historical value. For example, the Nikon F series of film cameras has stopped production and has a finite number of models, with each model representing a leap forward in technology from manual focus to autofocus and more. This type of collecting has historical value, is curated in some way, and typically does involve some hunting and collecting, as well as gaining knowledge that’s useful in a historical fashion.

3. Hoarding

What are you doing bro. You bought another camera? Why? So you can satiate your desire to click the buy button again? There was no point in buying that one and you’ll never ever use it. Oh you will? Well maybe think again.

As we all figure out what hobbies (skill trees, as you will) we want to get ourselves into as we enter the middle part of our lives, we’ll find ourselves enjoying it in one of these ways. If you can’t tell, I’m definitely more of a fan of the first 2, but I guess there is something to be said for hoarding and how these collections could result in a historical collection.

This was a full on ramble. I’m on the road and a little tired. Fill you all in soon!

anonymous subscriber news

HELL YEAH we love all this. Even I’m getting involved in here. Make sure you to drop your anonymous confessions and deep thoughts in the link below. Don’t save it for your therapist!

  • anonymous subscriber is about to make a couple of big life changes and is nervous about it
  • anonymous subscriber is secretly a little satisfied that someone I don't like in the wider friend group is facing the consequences of his actions (broke his ass doing unsafe ski maneuver)
  • anonymous subscriber slept in to 10:30am today. what a luxury
  • anonymous subscriber went to the club and ran into people from high school they haven't seen in 4 years
  • anonymous subscriber looks forward to trying the gelato ice cream sandwiches from costco
  • anonymous subscriber got frozen yogurt yesterday and was reminded of how delicious froyo is, particularly the original tart flavor
  • anonymous subscriber got gaslighted by Ryan for several weeks (sorry for tricking you and saying I was moving to Arizona!!!!!)
  • anonymous subscriber is apparently racist

animal of the week

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