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things i think about while powerwashing 74

things i think about while powerwashing 74
A rose in my yard!

Happy Saturday everyone!

I lied.

I got sick this week and didn’t have enough energy to write the newsletter. But today, I am doing much better! Just in time for some travels. I will try to publish them on Fridays in the future — I think my strategy worked — but we’ll have to see. Maybe it’s time to stop writing them the literal night before! Silly Ryan. Starting your homework 12 hours before the deadline has never been good.

Speaking of that — what type of content is best served on here? I think I used to use this as some sort of diary that I shared with people. That’s also like online forever. And public. But now I think I should try to be serving up some actual :shine: content :shine:. I keep talking about this but never deliver. Maybe every so often I drop an interview with a friend about their hobby — say, Smash Bros? Or maybe … cats? Or maybe interview my cat.

But that also kind of defeats the purpose I guess. Thinking back to what this was all about, it was really a way for me to connect with friends that wasn’t Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Just writing! And also for me to keep up my writing skills. Being semi-snarky every Friday evening isn’t really gonna cut it for any of you.

So tell me: what exactly is it that you all want from me. Do you like my ramblings. Do you even read this. Text me, email me at [email protected], or confront me face to face. I will feature anyone at this point!

anonymous subscriber news

The less submissions we get the more I’m tempted to just make them up myself. Feel free to write friendship-ending gossip in here.

  • anonymous subscriber’s once close friend dropped all communication for 9 months and resurfaced 2 days ago with an engagement announcement
  • anonymous subscriber went on a 22-mile bike ride this weekend and got some tasty food on the way

animal of the week

no description - sister Carolyn Chen

To submit things to the newsletter, my sister sends it via the anonymous subscriber form or to my email for the pet, then walks into my room and asks if I saw her submission. I say yes, then forget to post it for a few weeks. Take this cat from my sister! And send me more animals at [email protected]!