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Since I just came off some travel, esteemed subscriber Alex Weliever gave me an idea to rank my favorite and least favorite airports. I do want to note that I am very very very fortunate to have five airports to hate on! I don't hate that I was there, I just hate them!

top 5 airports

  1. TPE: Usually get to hang out in a lounge for this one, but even when not in a lounge it's been great. Security is good, the shops are great, and each of the gates has a cute little exhibit. Also has transport directly to and from the main city. So gets top marks for me!
  2. BKK: I just remember it all being very nice. It was very clean and the architecture was large and very grand. Yay!
  3. BCN: Great transport to and from the city, along with a very streamlined immigration process and nice shops. Did seem a little crowded but what can you do.
  4. SFO: Gotta rep my local-ish airport. Domestic is always pretty nice and in T2 there's a whole area where you can just chill and charge your devices before you get on the plane. The shops are a little lacking (the Sweet Maple in there is terrible) but for the most part it's a good experience.
  5. IND: I like this one because it is small. You trip and you accidentally make it past security. It's just awesome man. You can get from plane to car in like 5 minutes. The waiting area outside is also pretty good as well, and now I hear they have a whole ass basketball court so ... cool!

bottom 5 airports

  1. VIE: God. Maybe it was just Austrian Airlines. But the way they board is they kick people out of the boarding area if they're below first class and make the rest of us just mill around the airport. The cafe is alright but the lack of waiting area really got to me.
  2. EWR: Ok NJ Transit is great. But everything else about it sucks. Waiting in there is kinda sad. It's so small and the facilities aren't nice. It's probably just old. But I don't like it.
  3. JFK: I hate JFK but all my flights go there so I have to keep going there. I don't like how it's so far from Manhattan (this is self-inflicted pain at this point)
  4. IAH: It’s not even the airport’s fault it’s the god damn roads they’re so confusing.
  5. IST: I put this one last on the bottom 5 because I understand why it is bad but it still makes me unhappy. The last time I was in there I got in and was faced with almost 6-7 passport and security checks. That got me a little miffed until I did some research and found there’s been quite the history of terrorist attacks there. So I think I’m actually ok with that.

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animal of the week

A strawberry hermit crab! These dudes are everywhere on the island I’m working on right now. - esteemed subscriber Emi Chan

Emi is apparently out adventuring because she is on an ISLAND. These little fellas can live to 30 years old. That’s all I know lol. But this is a sick animal pic and YOU can have your own sick animal pic featured here. Send me your animals at [email protected]!