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things i think about while powerwashing 46

things i think about while powerwashing 46

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

Technically it was yesterday but we're only one day off so who's counting. At work they were giving out some free ones and we had a whole bunch of friends over last night to celebrate. For those who don't know the Mid-autumn  festival is a Chinese holiday to celebrate ... mid-autumn. There's a folk tale involved about a gun who shoots down eight suns with a bow and arrow as well as his depressed wife who takes drugs to escape him and fly to the moon. Got the story straight? Reread that before reading the next part: there's a rabbit there that grinds up herbs. Why? Unsure.

Despite the marriage troubles of the couple in the folk story, the holiday has turned to be one where you get together with your family. Family filling a round table, just like the full moon that dictates when to celebrate the holiday. And we eat mooncakes! Yum yum.

Hope you all got to see the full moon last night and got to hang out with your families. If not, hope you got to enjoy with some friends!

anonymous subscriber news

Got some fun submissions this week! Remember to submit your anonymous subscriber news to the google form!

  • anonymous subscriber's crush remembers their instagram handle and brings it up every time they see them :)
  • this anonymous subscriber joined an intramural doubles pickleball team
  • anonymous subscriber got called domesticated and breedable while doing the dishes by a housemate (I'm a man)
  • anonymous subscriber keeps having weird dreams and doesn't know what to do about them

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i printed some stickers

One of the impulse decisions I made in the past six months was the Canon Imageprograf-300, which is a pro-grade printer that can handle all types of printing (including CDs). I've been just using it for photos until now, but recently started printing stickers using PNGs that my friends send me (and allow me to print for sticker use).

Except I bought the wrong sticker paper and it's the clear one. Also apparently the ink doesn't immediately dry (who would've thought).

If you would like to print any stickers please let me know! It's unexpectedly fun. I guess I missed out on this craze when I was a kid.

some pictures from the cal football game i went to

Was a great time! I went in posing as an Auburn fan and the travelling fans from Alabama were all very nice. No one said anything about my camera either! Except me when I opened the film compartment of my camera with the film still in it otherwise I would've had some great night photos. Great goin man.

animal of the week

a cat and a rabbit cohabitating. submitted by esteemed subscriber alexandra t. weliever.

Usually due to a lack of supply we only have one animal per post. But thanks to esteemed subscriber Alexandra T. Weliever we got to have TWO. NOT ONLY TWO, THEY ARE NATURALLY PREDATOR AND PREY. I'm not sure how these two interact during day to day life but that cat does seem highly interested in that rabbit. Like ... disturbingly so. That's it for this week, and hope you and that rabbit have a great one!