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things i think about while powerwashing 45

Happy Saturday everyone!

So the reason I started this newsletter is because I wanted to quit social media (still on Instagram, sadly) and I still wanted to write after college. And I wanted to come up with a dumb but quirky name so I came up with "things i think about while powerwashing."

I started this when I was still living at my moms house during the beginning of the pandemic and until I moved back in I had kept this newsletter up. But, no powerwashing.

I am pleased to announce that since moving back home, we have broken the powerwashing drought. I recently cleaned my mom's grill (and am still in the process of fixing it up) using the powerwasher and it felt good. I feel like I am a person with integrity again. All is well!

This is AFTER a thorough powerwashing. You don't want to see what it was like before.

anonymous subscriber news

So I tried something new last week! I decided to air out my friends’ gossip/dirty laundry (anonymized, of course) and I got a lot of positive feedback from that! So this week I created a google form for everyone to submit their own anonymous news!

So yes! Thanks everyone for submitting so much anonymous news! In the future, please submit anonymous news via this google form: https://forms.gle/RGM9nK5rtTbWJcws9. As you can see here, I’ll be formatting the news to fit the “anonymous subscriber …” format because that’s how I want it to be.

  • anonymous subscriber is on the quest to trade in their iphone XR for an iphone 14 now that the 15 is out
  • anonymous subscriber complains that Bravo is still broken
  • anonymous subscriber is going to Japan
  • anonymous subscriber is celebrating 1 year at Apple this week
  • anonymous subscriber played with kittens at a cafe
  • anonymous subscriber  got cowboy boots
  • grad school has anonymous subscriber swamped :  )
  • anonymous subscriber just bought a slow cooker and cannot wait to try new recipes in it
  • anonymous subscriber took 20 minutes and 34 seconds to beat today’s NYT crossword. granted, anonymous subscriber was also in a client meeting, which doesn’t the quiet quitting allegations
  • anonymous subscribe got cut off by 2 drivers today because they’re too nice
  • anonymous subscriber just finished reading Cloud Cuckoo Land and it was good!
  • anonymous subscriber is going to cook soup on Sunday
  • anonymous subscriber walked home alone in the dark by themselves today
  • anonymous subscriber literally held some cancer yesterday
  • anonymous subscriber ate a salad with Ryan Chen yesterday and bought books 💁‍♀️
  • anonymous subscriber is visiting Austin, Texas soon !
  • anonymous subscriber breathed in a lot of solder fumes today

a note about sweetgreens

Sweetgreens is a strange restaurant. You pay $14 to $17 for a salad, and .... that's it. The salads are actually pretty good but it's strange that you just spent $15 ... on a salad. That's more than a Chipotle bowl. But if you were to prepare everything your self it almost makes it worth it.

Then why is it that I have never seen a single happy person in a Sweetgreens? When they see me casually glancing in as I walk by, they look away in shame. If they're walking out, they look down to avoid all gazes and walk quickly. What is it? What is this weird feeling associated with Sweetgreens????

animal of the week

I went on a hike with esteemed subscriber Winnie Li and we saw this turkey vulture (thanks to esteemed subscriber Alex Weliever for the ID). It was pretty close! And it probably wanted to eat me!