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things i think about while powerwashing 47

things i think about while powerwashing 47

Hi everyone! Good job getting through another week in life :).

How’s everyone doing? We’re currently wading through the middle of a heat wave here in the Bay Area and Simba is handling it decently well. But I AM NOT. So I've been spending quite a bit of time inside ... and editing old photos!

My old photo editing style? Probably non-existent. I just shot photos that looked cool without any story or anything. Just in some type of amateur, adolescent stage of my photography. But I started paying more attention to the composition and I think that's been getting a little better. Though my editing was still ... mediocre.

All I really knew was how to make a picture warmer, by increasing certain sliders. I knew how to do split toning but I never really bothered to learn more. But now I have!! I'm now grinding Youtube videos with clickbait titles like "99% of photos get better with THIS Lightroom trick." So stay tuned for some newly edited old photos.

It's been great looking back at my old photos and how I've evolved throughout the years. I can see myself growing up, changing styles, seeing the effect of the storytelling and writing training from The Exponent affecting my decisions of which photos to eventually choose and export. What a time!

random tidbits

  • There’s a new Percy Jackson book out. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet but you know I’m about to get on that.
  • Simba went to a new vet and the vibe is just so different. It’s just chill and quiet as opposed to my old vet which was fast and chaotic.
  • I fixed my mom’s grill and ever since my dad keeps wanting to cook things on the grill. Not complaining with steak and burgers for dinner though!

anonymous subscriber news

Guyssssss let’s keep the momentum up. Keep up the anonymous subscriber news!!!! Fill it in today or something!!! I want to hear your hot gossip!!!! https://forms.gle/KdcwRVbAynwYsEtYA

  • anonymous subscriber signed up for a new credit card today! big adult decisions are being made
  • anonymous subscriber is now reading Tomb Sweeping by Alexandra Chang
  • anonymous subscriber just used Drano for the first time and it surprisingly worked
  • anonymous subscriber received his "I am Kenough" hoodie in the mail

animal of the week

“This is an unnamed Air Force base trespasser. He and his siblings regularly dig holes under the perimeter fence and we spend a couple hours getting them back home or having their owner pick them up.”

Usually I name the contributor but since this involves a FEDERAL CRIME I will not. Check out this FEARLESS AND FEROCIOUS CRIMINAL invading UNITED STATES AIR FORCE BASES. What a cute caper. Remember to send your animal pictures of all kinds to [email protected]! Still trying to figure out why my email is not working.