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things i think about while powerwashing 37

entering my grave misfortune era

In Chiense culture, we have this thing called the zodiac. Depending on what your year you were born in, you're a rabbit, a dragon, or even a snake! And this comes in a twelve year cycle, meaning in 12 years it will be the year of the rabbit again.

And according to Chinese culture, these years that are multiples of 12 (12, 24, 36), are years of grave misfortune.

Looking at my friend and esteemed subscriber Serena, I can honestly say that it kinda checks out. She almost manifested appendicitis, started seriously playing League of Legends, and got a job in banking. A horrible start to her zodiac year. Pour one out for her tonight.

But it might not be all that bad. The economy looks like it's going up. Tech seems to be recovering. I'm feeling more good at working. Life isn't falling apart, I write six hours into this. What's the worry? Ha ha ha.

But yes I look forward to yet another year of writing these silly newsletters to update you all on my life. I appreciate every one of you for opening my emails (even though we don't track those metrics) and reading about me and Simba's adventures.

Let's have a year of grave misfortunes!

small news i want you to know

  • Golden State Warriors dropped Jordan Poole and got Chris Paul. Most of you don't know what that means. But I need you to know this.
  • I've given up on watching TV, don't ask me to watch TV shows.
  • I got a new backpack! I'm not sure when I'll be able to take it out hiking but I'm very happy with it. Here's me bringing it to work.

i walked again

This week on Juneteenth I went to Big Sur and went on a little hike and had a little fun!

pet of the week

Simba looking on forlornly as I cook meat outside.

Last night I cooked some meat on the patio and Simba was looking a little jealous and wanted in on the action. But yeah, kind of a short newsletter for today. Remember to send pet pics! Please!