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things i think about while powerwashing 38

things i think about while powerwashing 38

pour one out for a fallen soldier (themed t shirt)

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everyone! On this week, I have some patriotic news to share with you all: I am retiring the Marines t-shirt.

Those that have seen me recently know about this shirt and the socially awkward situations it has wrought upon me. When I'm at the gym, at work, at the hospital and the airport. People always ask me: "you a marine?" NO. I am sorry. I got this t shirt for participating in a US Marines recruiting event. There was some sort of obstacle course that involved some ropes and even a computer test. I ended up getting fifth place that day and my college roommate got first (he and I were asked to join the US military. He said he was already a veteran. He didn't say of which country!).

It's the end of an era though. Thank you to everyone who has memed on this shirt and made it memorable. It'll live on as a hiking under shirt and a sleeping shirt, but as far as I know it'll never see sunlight again. Semper Fi? It's a t shirt, so idk.

As a side note I have tried to get new versions of this shirt, the problem being I bought three models of shirt sold by the supplier and none of them ended up being even close to how it felt. Oh well!

the great siloing

One small/large piece of tech news I did want to impart you all with is this weird silo chain effect in apps. Big tech has always been cagey with letting you access social media without logging in, but starting today Reddit has closed free access to their API and Twitter has closed off their content to anyone not logged in.

I just have to say, when you start your business/build a living on a platform that isn't yours, prepared to have it taken out from under you. Is this fair? No, not in my extremely personal opinion. But it's something you gotta look out for.

This kind of gives me a lot of validation since I do spend a lot of time trying to set up my own infrastructure for stuff. Let's say I hosted this blog on Squarespace and they closed down. Would I ever get my site back? Who knows. They use proprietary code for their sites.

news i want you to know that is happy hahaha

  • Draymond Green is coming back to the warriors! If you are a Warriors fan you are happy about that.
  • It was my birthday last week! I had fun. I did at-home kbbq three times:
  • Simba went through a week without having to go to the vet! First week in a while that is like this.
  • I had the Grimace shake. My feelings on it are comp-AHHHHHHHHHHHH

pet of the week

No new pet of the week other than SIMBA. He's been a lot more active lately and definitely favors that sofa. He probably sits on it more than any of us roommates combined. Thank you Simba for keeping that Sofa purchase honest and worth it.

It's been a long week if you've been following the news, so make sure to make the most of this upcoming four/three day break depending on your company. Have a great weekend and see you next week!