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things i think about while powerwashing 39

things i think about while powerwashing 39

wow we are all human

I have returned, everyone, after a brief unplanned hiatus from the newsletter writing game.

I spent the last weekend ... relaxing. I was too tired on Friday to write the newsletter (bad move, I should be writing these throughout the week in small digestable bits) and I almost didn't write it today.

Yet, here I am. Battered, but unbroken.

That's been kind of the vibe these days as July rolls around. It's the month of cold drinks at the end of a hot day, while watching the purple sunset fade into black while desparately trying to forget that it's Wednesday and you have work tomorrow. It's the vibe of figuring out what type of sick your cat is. My latest theory was that he was allergic to the new food I gave him. Let's see if that pans out.

It's July. Halfway through the year, hurtling towards December. I've definitely had a very cool start to the year but now that things are wrapping up, it feels less defined. I'm 24 now. Does this mean I need a greater life plan than going to GatorWorld in Orlando? Or what work needs to be done this week. But seriously, check out GatorWorld. It looks fantastic.

This ends this extremely incoheremt newsletter intro. I have nothing much else to report to you all as of yet. Just chugging along!

pet of the week

Here is a picture of yours truly holding up Simba. Honestly since there has been no other animals being sent in this section should be renamed Simba of the week. I used to call it animal of the week too so I could consider that. Seriously guys come on please send me your pet pictures. Not even your pets: funny pets you found online. I'll be doing that in the coming weeks too, just straight up random animals I find on the internet. Shout out to the blob fish.