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things i think about while powerwashing 36

things i think about while powerwashing 36

good job getting through this week

Happy Saturday everyone!

You have safely made it through the week. Take this time to relax. The weekend has just started. ALL THREE DAYS OF IT!!!

Personally I am very excited about these upcoming three days with a lot of rest and adventure and Diablo to gear up for. As well as cuddling with Simba. Idk. I need this rest lol.

Let's enjoy these next three days of slow moments. Remembering where we were when the pretzels puffed up, how the breeze of the ocean washing in over the waves smells, and the melodious sound of an impatient cat wainting to be fed at 6 a.m.

pet insurance

Lots of stuff happened this week. All I wanna say is, shoutout to pet insurance. I love pet insurance. I hate other types of insurance but I love pet insurance. Best $28 of my monthly spend.

Also that I am afraid to look at my credit card app after vet visits.

small news things i want you to know

  • Reddit adds pricing to access their data via programming, effectively locking out third party ways of accessing their app (similar to Twitter). This means that third party Reddit apps (apps that allow you to access Reddit that are not made by Reddit) have to shut down. People are not happy about this for a variety of reasons. Reddit refuses to back down.
  • The Denver Nuggets win the 2023 NBA (this means basketball) Championship over the Miami Heat. Denver won 4-1 in the seven game series, leaving the Heat playing the bridesmaid yet again after their 2020 NBA finals loss the to Los Angeles Lakers.
  • I started playing Diablo IV. Don't try to text me between 6pm and 10pm PST. I'm busy slaying demons in hell.

walking to taco bell

This past weekend I decided to go on a little adventure by the shore with my friend Jordan: from the pier to the Taco Bell Cantina by the sea in Pacifica! If you do this route past Mori Point and by the Rockaway Hotel, you actually get some pretty exciting little stretches of climbing, crossing riviers and nice views of bird poop rocks.

For this trip, I decided to not take a film camera (as is customary on small hiking trips) and use my Fuji X100F. I definitely need to get some practice in taking pictures with this camera because I was not at all familiar with its controls, but I think the results are pretty good.

pet of the week

Simba. Provided by me!

This week's pet of the week could be no other than our beloved Simba. Faithful to food, loyal to his owner, and grateful to his can opener. There's no one else. He's  the guy getting me out of bed every day, and motivating my fingers and brain when I'm stuck at work. He keeps my forearms warm when I'm writing newsletters and gaming. He's an MVP in every sense of the word.

That's all I got! See you all next week! If you have pet pictures, please send them to me at [email protected]!