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things i think about while powerwashing 35

things i think about while powerwashing 35

Happy Saturday everyone!

Getting back into the groove after vacation is always a little tough. Those mornings where you wake up and look outside to the sight of ... home. Which isn't all that bad (especially when you were kind of missing it in the tropical heat) but reminds you that your mindset is still in last week and it's time to move on.

Regardless, that's where my photo brain has also gone. Instead of going out to take photos, this week has involved a lot of processing, culling, and hand-wringing over my PC being a little slower than my laptop.

Oh? Didn't you have a Macbook that was super nice and fastd? Yeah, I did. But it drank some of my coffee and got really sick so I left it at the repair shop to get better. And thus I re-entered the world of using a Windows PC as my main machine and there's not much of a difference aside from performance.

I could rant a long time about this but the end is that editing photos off a normal disk drive is very slow, if you're editing photos or exporting or anything that involves files, please use an SSD. It will make your life so much better.

the culling

As someone who has a lot of hoarder tendencies, I am in a constant battle with myself. Thankfully, I usually gain the courage to purge and cull things about once a year so if you are interested in buying some used things this summer, you can email me at [email protected] for the Google Sheet. Some things I am selling include some computer speakers, potentially a couch from Ikea, a used cat bed, and my old iPhone 12 Pro Max Otterbox case.

pet(s) of the week

Here's to all the cats I encountered during my travels! And I think I have more photos of cats that I saw on the trip but these are just the ones I saw. In retrospect I should have probably slowly trickled them out but I guess when no one sends me pets I'll just some of these. Send me your pet photos! They do NOT need to be your pets. I just need pet photos.

That's all for now! I have come back from this trip very enthusiastic about photography, so I am looking forward to having more photos to share. See you next week!