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i will not miss a week i will not miss a week i will not miss a week

Wow. Almost missed this week's. I've been working out more than I usually have and have really been feeling the effects. Just overall a lot more tired and really been sleeping less due to trying to find time to work out.

Also, still been playing Civ VI.

The biggest change in workout has been me trying to commit to biking to work at least twice a week. Usually it would be ok but my bike commute is approximately 13 miles round trip – definitely a little hefty for most cases. And it is because of this sharp increase in biking that I have been feeling a lot more tired.

I'll definitely keep at it as the weeks go on, all the while trying to fit lifting into it too. I finally deadlifted with proper form for the first time in years on Friday and that really took it out of me. I was lifting 135, which is usually pretty easy for me, but really focusing on my form and how my hips moved, engaging my core and as a result have not been able to heartily laugh for a few days.

So how about all of you? Have you guys been working out more lately as the weather gets better (in California at least). Let us all share.


I updated my photography page! Here are some select photos that I have taken recently.

the tragedy of having a cherry blossom festival ... here

The Bay Area has the luxury of being host to a wide variety of cultures, and that includes the culture of Japan. And while I love cherry blossoms and Japanese festival culture, the two didn't really pair well at this month's SF Cherry Blossom festival.

I guess the biggest letdown for me was that it seemed to be fairly low energy the entire time, and the cherry blossoms were limited to a few trees – far from the ideal cherry blossoms in Seattle and Washington DC (in the US). I did remember seeing a long row of cherry blossoms in Berkeley but still. C'mon!!! We need more of these trees in the places that we host these events.

I might swing by another cherry blossom festival today so here's to hoping there are more trees here. I am ready to be disappointed.

pet of the week

This edition, we have something very special: real animals. We have gotten mushrooms, e-pets and down the pipeline we will have animals that are not truly alive (and never were?). So let's savor this moment, and remember this great edition where we have gotten some real animals.

Remember to send me pet photos at [email protected]!

See you next week!