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So last week, when I was trying to come back from my very long hiatus as a "newsletter writer," I was trying to find my login to this site. I eventually got my password because I use a password manager but I ran out of login attempts.

I was kind of confused. The computer that this website is hosted on is less than 20 feet away from my bed. How did I run out of login attempts? This computer and my cat breathe the same air. How am I being restricted from logging in?

So naturally, in order to access a website that breathes the same air as me and my cat, I logged in via a VPN that connected in Singapore.

Just a funny thought. Like cmon man. We gotta be better than this.

some pics

A few weeks ago I went to walk around UC Berkeley! I cannot express how jealous I am of this campus! Why did I go to Purdue!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!

pet of the week

Well I asked for it. This is hana772161. I don't know anything about Neopets, but this is apparently one. Well, send me your pets. Be they real things, pixels, fake things. If you consider it a pet. Send it in. [email protected].