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things i think about while powerwashing 32

Back when I was still a student in college, I had a lot of ideas. Some of them were good, and some of them were bad.

I also really liked to watch anime and when you're really unmotivated to do schoolwork and are very tired after everything, the only thing you really want to do is watch anime. So I watched so much anime that I ... ran out of shows to watch.

So being the incredibly brilliant college student that I was, I created a site that would recommend me random anime to watch.

The user interface is very simple. It just gives you shows. the hardest part about this project was definitely not the frontend, but I had a bunch of trouble with learning how to use Graph QL. Since I know a bunch of you ain't technical, Graph QL is a programming language used for interfacing with graph-based databases (one type of many).

It was just one of many projecst that I had the energy and drive to finish, and as I finish another week of work sometimes I look back to these days really fondly. I also just had a virtual catch-up with some college friends this week and that really added to the flood of nostalgia. Remember to use the power of technology to catch up with your friends!!!!

And to add to all the nostalgia I'll soon be returning to my alma mater to see my sister graduate. It's just a time to be nostalgic, remembering how good things seemed to be in my memory. Walkng through the stuffy summer nights after finishing yet another print edition of The Exponent, stealing my friends' orange chicken, doing homework in dorm lobbies until 2am with friends.

We'll never get that feeling of invincibility again, I guess.

So if you want to figure out what anime you want to watch today, check out ranime. It even tells you where you can watch it! Such a user-friendly and genius design. Wonder who did all that.

update on the cherry blossom festival

Yeah. No cherry blossoms.

pet of the week

Submitted by esteemed subscriber Nathan Cohen.

Two weeks in a row, we have been blessed with an actual picture of a pet. Nothing pet-like, real legitimate pets. Not saying that the feelings you have toward that Neopet are not real (maybe they are not?) but it's great when the pet is warm and can talk back at you (there are definitely robots that can do this).

Send me pet pictures at [email protected]! And see you next week.