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almost forgot since it's been so long

ChatGPT, Bard, and large language models and general have really been taking over the newsstream. Whether it's ChatGPT coming up with some funny ways to find a girlfriend, or Bard having a horribly epic fail during its debut (IN AN IMAGE NO LESS, NOT EVEN A LIVE DEMO), we can all see that these things are here to stay.

I've written about ChatGPT in this newsletter before, and I think that what I said then stands true now. What ChatGPT does not know, it will not know unless you tell it. The biggest advantage that humans have over AI is that we are the ones creating these interactions that ChatGPT is basing itself off of, and discovering the new things that it is telling people.

There's a limit, though. Some day, AI will be able to perform an experiment, extract the data and determine whether it has found something novel. It may even be able to come up with new experiment ideas. It may even find a way to end this paragraph (it probably can).

Some reading relating to these new announcements that I would recommend:

song of the week

I found this cover of popular TikTok song "Until I Found You" on YouTube and I gotta say this girl is a pretty good singer. I think she's part of a Korean group? I don't think I've ever heard of them before.

animal of the week

"Wild green froggy caught on texas coast" submitted by esteemed subscriber Emi Chan

"It is Saturday, my dudes." Thank you to Emi for visiting recently and also submitting this beautiful photo of this incredibly large frog. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PET PHOTOS I AM RUNNING OUT.