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things i think about while powerwashing 24

disaster strikes

hi there!

It's been a while, due to both my foolishness and a little thing called an atmospheric river flowing through town. Due to the large storm rolling through the region, my place lost power and I foolishly did not plug my computer into a surge protector.

Thus, many parts of the PC fried.

I've been spending the last three weeks trying to piece this back together and finally managed to get my email and my blog service back up and running. Minecraft aficionados, the Blocky World is also returning. And it feels like everything is coming back to normality.

To say it's been a rough start to the year is an understatement. Large storms, REI tents that are not as labelled, bad returns, general industry news. But I've also done a lot more in these three weeks than before. I went backpacking for the first time ever. Made some prints using a darkroom. Played more League of Legends than I ever have. January's can be rough and this one was especially so.

But, starting this month we'll be back on track. I'll have to find the animal of the wee- ah, found it.

animal of the week

Flemish giant rabbits at The Texas Zoo in Victoria, TX. Submitted by subscriber Emi Chan.

Rabbits enter our newsletter again. It is also the year of the rabbit for Chinese New Year! I think the Vietnamese New Year celebrates the year of the cat, but I will have to double check on that.

Remember to send your animal pictures to [email protected].

See you next week!