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things i think about while powerwashing 26

snow on the beach

Hi everyone. If you don't live in the Bay Area, then you might not have heard that we got a little snow.

It's crazy! Snow! In the mountains! In the Bay Area!!!! The last time this happened was like maybe 20 years ago I think? Or more, was it in the 80s? Is this a sign of our impending doom as the effects of climate change materialize like a 10 year CD ladder maturing? Before I begin a downward spiral, I'm gonna stop myself and enjoy the beautiful snow-capped hills in the distance. It's kind of like Denver, if I knew what that was like.

I wish I could go up and see the snow, but I think it's a little dangerous. Do people in California even know how to deal with their sidewalk having some snow? Or ICE?

podcast of the week

I started listening to the Office Ladies podcast, hosted by the actresses playing Angela and Pam in hit sitcom The Office. In unrelated news, I'm gonna finally do a watch-through of The Office.

cool (HAHA GET IT) pics

Mt. Diablo after it emerged from the clouds today
by u/IcarusIsMelting in bayarea
about to open up 17.... hooray!!! been out here since 1am
by u/powermotion in bayarea

animal of the week

Submitted by esteemed subscriber Ellie Wang.

This week's animal is going to look a little different. This animal is yet unnamed, but esteemed subscriber Ellie Wang had this to say about the plant:

"Well it's going to live in the bathroom for two weeks in case there are bugs. Gotta quarantine it."

That's all for this week and make sure to send me your animals!