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things i think about while powerwashing 68

Hi all!

I was watching Single's Inferno last night when suddenly, the power went out. At first the lights flickered, and I thought that it would just be a brown out. To my horror (and later happiness?) the lights kept flickering and eventually it all cut out.

For the first time in quite a while, I was in the dark. No electricity, just some battery powered lights. And nothing but the sound of rain.

And yes, it felt just like I was camping again.

I love the calm atmosphere of a blackout (besides the silent panic of not being able to open the fridge). It's like the isolation of camping and not having signal, but with the added comfort of being able to lay on your bean bag with your slightly hungry cat.

Just for a second, it doesn't feel like you need to do anything. You can just exist in the comfortable silence of the dark. The quiet seeps into the rest of your body, releasing all the tension.

You, and the pitter patter of your frantic cat's paws.

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