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things i think about while powerwashing 67

things i think about while powerwashing 67

oops im back

Hi all!

Well after a very very veeeeeery eventful three weeks that included some crazy work stuff, a train trip through Europe, and an exciting week in New York, WE ARE BACK.


Basically, as soon as I left for New York my server went kaput! My sister gave a valiant effort at trying to recover it, but nothing could save it and I had to wait until I got back before I could do anything with the server.

So while my trusty little server was down, I got active! Subscriber Stephen Davis and I found ourselves trudging through snow in the Swiss Alps, admiring the intricate spires of the Duomo, looking down upon Salzburg from the bastille of Hohensalzburg and walking the beautiful streets of Vienna. For a little while, I got to disconnect from the world and got to just be in the moment.

But now I have returned to the Bay Area! Exciting things await. So what have you all been up to in the time I've been gone? Let me know via anonymous subscriber news!

anonymous subscriber news


  • anonymous subscriber skied through tight trees in Vail

top 3 tunez: alex weliever

Esteemed subscriber Alex Weliever makes her top 3 tunez debut with Laufey (who I also love) as well as a throwback track from Prince. I haven't really listened to this song in particular but it'll be hitting the Spotify rotation at work for sure now!

Submit your top 3 tunez here! https://forms.gle/o4UChktzPh3T7Z1u8

animal of the week

None, but we shall return next week.

Please remember to submit your animals to me! At [email protected]!!! See you all next week!