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things i think about while powerwashing 60

things i think about while powerwashing 60

Good news fellas — if you're reading this I made it to the end of the week alive! We have all officially survived 1 out of 52 weeks in 2024 and I am cruising my way toward the quarter-century mark in my life.

Coming along with me in this journey is my trusty work backpack, which has changed several times from my Gregory 22 to my Timbuk2 Google Backpack, to the most recent one: Brevite Jumper.

I last wrote about the Brevite Jumper after I took it on vacation in Thailand where it was NOT meant to go. The lack of back breathability resulted in a lot of sweat (sorry lol but I have to talk about this) but the lowkey-ness of the backpack was indeed fairly valuable.

I was not happy with the backpack then and literally was about to sell it when one of my friends said they really wanted it. Trusting that friend, I figured that this was a good backpack if they wanted it so bad. So I kept it (sorry friend). And now, it has become my trusty companion for travel AND work.

What I like: it can actually hold quite a bit since it has two compartments: one specifically for cameras with a side access pocket and another for general things. The wall between the compartments can break down and the backpack can function as normal. Also, it looks like a normal backpack.

The organization is also pretty thought-out, with a small internal pocket in the top compartment and a standard front backpack pocket with organization space. Oh yeah and a water bottle holder that can hold my Nalgene water bottle.

For work, it can hold some gym clothes (but not shoes) and my work laptop, which is all one really needs to get to work and back.

I think it works. I've long searched for the perfect backpack but I think the search is over. The backpack I've always wanted has been in my face the entire time. The humble yet highly-hyped Brevite Jumper.

Stay tuned for my bag review of my NEXT camera bag coming on Monday lol.

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