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end of the year 2023

end of the year 2023

It feels like it was just January. I remember waking up every day to the news of layoffs from various companies in the tech sector, and the gigantic storms pouring down rain in the Bay Area. The sight of snow dusting the peaks of Mt. Hamilton and seeing the pictures of Mission Peak covered in ice. Since then, I've gone to Asia, gone to at least two new national parks, seen the Milky Way three or four times, and gone camping with my friends from Purdue.

People have come and gone into my life, I've moved through peoples' lives and also moved to a new place (my mom's house). My sister graduated from college, leaving my family student-less and all working. I found a new footing at work at have been getting a little more productive.

But let's look at what goals I have hit, and some things I want to do next year. The categories will be about the same from last year so you can follow along for reference!


Wow so I thought I was going to hit 50 blog posts this year. First of all I got pretty close but forgot to do so some weeks and also had an issue with my server all of January, so my total of around 41 would have been 50 no problem if there were no technical issues.

But this year, I've become more open and vulnerable about my blogging. Sometimes when you get a little too comfortable putting your thoughts down every week for 30 or 40 people to read, you write things that you may or may not want to have written but end up not regretting it too much. Yet. Especially when you're just trying to sleep and it's 10pm on a Friday night.

I did say I wanted to start a tech tuesdays a few months ago but that obviously has not taken off. I think all this writing is starting to be a little more draining than I thought it would be but it is one of the most consistent things I have done this year.

But the plus side!!! Our user-generated content is through the roof. We had some juicy anonymous subscribers to start out this epic journey and now I can write less content I generate myself and sometimes let the stories carry themselves. I've started writing sections ahead of time to use later instead of thinking of everything on the spot, and generally became a lot better at managing this whole gig.

Next year, I think I want to consistently hit two newsletters a week with tech tuesdays and powerwashing. I think one day I'll just start writing them and hopefully they'll never stop. Just gotta wait for when the time is right.


If last year was a big photo year, this year was even bigger. I previously had a bit of trouble taking pictures of people since I honestly just got really bored of it. This year I've made some strides in this area, starting to take use of flash and more interesting lighting conditions.

To review back on my previous goals, I wanted to start printing some more photos and that I indeed did. Not only did I buy film printing equipment, I also bought a snazzy Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 to make nice prints. I've been sending them out to friends, text or email if you want one!

Seeing my work in printed form is amazing. Just like seeing one of my articles in print during my newspaper days, it doesn't feel like the photography process is complete until it's hanging up on a wall.

And to address the black and white elephant in the room, my goal of shooting only black and white film was thoroughly dismantled. Sometime halfway through the year, I went on some trips that I really really really wanted to shoot in color. I didn't end up needing to. Shooting exclusively in Black and White really helped me train how to look for the light and how to shoot more engaging photos and has generally helped me advance in ways color film and digital photography allows me to make mistakes.

This year, my plan is to continue the black and white film shooting exercise and take the printing one step further. I'll be firing up Indesign and making small magazines! Hopefully this one actually goes through.


Like last year, consistency will be key. I've been fairly consistent for the last two months or so in my exercise, and hope to continue with that this year. The big thing that I've started doing is increasing the variety of my exercise. Last year I was just biking and lifting weights, this year will be the year of millennial sports: rock climbing and pickleball are high on this list!

I think the key for me is to keep it light and consistent. My weighlifting workouts have decreased to 20-30 minutes instead of the hours-long sessions I had in college and high school. My biking is now less of long 20 mile rides and more of integrating biking into my errands, such as going to the library or swinging by the grocery store and grabbing some food.

in conclusion

Once again, a year that I can't really complain about. But this next year my writing will be more focused, my travels will go farther, and my photos will be even better!!! I can't wait to learn all the new photography techniques and editing techniques and — of course — share all these adventures will you all!