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things i think about while powerwashing 53

things i think about while powerwashing 53

the future is now

Fall has been hitting hard. I've been listening to a lot of Stick Season by Noah Kahan while the I drive around and seeing the orange leaves plastered on the street by the rain gets me in a melancholy mood. Time moves fast, and things keep changing. People grow apart, and come back together, then leave change. It's heartbreaking to see the physical manifestations of time. It's so abstract, but it's scars cut deep. Old stores gone, new ones in. People and faces change. One year the street is empty, the next it's full.

One day you're scooping poop. The next, you're not.

BeCAUSE YOU JUST GOT AN AUTOMATIC LITTER BOX. Oh my god this thing is so cool. For an early Christmas present my mom (thanks mom!) got me  an automatic litter box and I gotta say it is quite awesome. The initial setup was pretty smooth and Simba has taken to using it and is quite curious about it when it's cleaning. When the cycle starts he runs back into my room and inspects it as it scoops the poop and empties it into a container.

The most immediate plus for me is that there's a lot less opportunity for Simba to shovel the litter out onto my floor which is a suprisingly big issue. And it also smells less I think. And it's cool watching it turn. WOW, technology. Never thought I would ever own one of these.

It's cool too because now my mornings are so empty. They used to be full of bustling around scooping poop, feeding Simba, making coffee. But now it feels empty. Just another thing of the past. Lost to the ravages of time. AND I DONT HAVE TO SCOOP POOP ANYMORE.

anonymous subscriber news

Wow more heat – and potentially our first reply? Feel free to reply to others and start conversations. I'm more than willing to be your messenger :). As always friends please submit your news at this link below, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!

anonymous subscriber news
  • anonymous subscriber is getting their wisdom teeth taken out
  • anonymous subscriber is sad but at least they were strong and brave!
  • stingy anonymous subscriber used Ryan’s discount to get a nice Patagonia ski jacket
  • anonymous subscriber is wearing a T-shirt today that features a squirrel decorated in Christmas lights and antlers and no, it is not too early for such foolishness
  • anonymous subscriber says: if you're envisioning your entire life with them you may as well tell them ;) @anon who visited for a week
  • anonymous subscriber says two friends in a 4 year relationship just broke up and it's wreaking havoc on the friend group they were a big part of
  • anonymous subscriber is going to go hiking next week
  • anonymous subscriber will resume playing volleyball this week
  • anonymous subscriber's laptop keeps not charging even when it's plugged in and at like 26%. The battery was just replaced like two years ago! if anyone has any advice please let them know
  • anonymous subscriber recently learned that trains run every 2-3 min in most cities not located in America
  • anonymous subscriber has been messing around with their friends bf and feels really bad about it (but not bad enough to stop)
  • anonymous subscriber wants to go to Singapore with Mr. Worldwide™️ next year

outing report: i overdose on caffeine

So I saw this thing called the coffee festival and was like: wow! that is so cool! so i can just pay money for a ticket then get free coffee? i'll go!

And I went with three others in tow (including esteemed subscribers Erin Wong and Nathan Cohen) and got slapped in the face with some insane caffeine. I mean, it's a Mormon's worst nightmare. Everywhere you look there's people shoving small sample cups of goodness in your face. Cold brew, pour over, whole shots of espresso are given away for FREE just for a chance for you to buy some beans or cans.

Some contenders here: there was a chocolate-infused cold brew from Wolf Coffee that was pretty fire. I had some pretty good coffee jelly (that I bought actually) from this Colombia-based roaster called Cafetale. The usual suspects were good: Ritual, etc. But there were a lot of great smaller roasters as well as a lot of demonstrations for some cool new coffee machines.

I knew I was done after my 14th sample cup, and right as I made that decisions a vendor came up to me with a smile and said, "Care for an espresso?"

So I drank 15 cups that day and did not sleep for a while. But it was fun! Some more pics from the day:

animal of the week

Esteemed subscriber Emi Chan yet again carrying this section so fucking hard.

Emi is BACK with some more photos! She says this is a coyote. Must be cool to set up trail cams and find pictures of animals on them – no point in me doing that but it would be cool in general. Black Friday time???

Please send your pet and animal photos to my email at [email protected]. If you send them to me via other sources I can guarantee that they will get lost. But if you send it to me via email they will not get lost because they sit in a little folder I have in Gmail.

See you all next week!