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i jammed my thumb

So last week I took a little bit of detour.

On Saturday morning, I found myself looking out across the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. Not sleepy by any means, as it was Labor Day weekend and we were also right next to a national park.

Our journey started in New York, where we took the train north to New Rochelle and rented a car, hoping to catch a spot at one of the most legendary centers of pizza in the entire world — New Haven, CT. Feasting our eyes and stomachs upon the tomato pies and clam pizzas, we filled up and headed straight to Bar Harbor, Maine.

I'm still pretty tired from the trip, but I do have quite a few pictures. I'll write more about the trip when I have some more energy but just wanted to let you all know we had a good time bickering, eating lobster, hiking, watching esteemed subscriber Stephen Davis be scared out of his mind on the Precipice Trail, and watching Fox News (ironically). Here's a gallery to send you all off.

animal of the week

Esteemed subscriber Akshay Pawar enjoying the company of a lobster.

After a Maine trip? There's no other animal it could be. Lobster is this week's animal of the week. I've expanded the net to be any animal at all due to the lack of submissions I've been receiving, as well as just wanting to branch out. Enjoy this lobster waving hello, and see you all next week!