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things i think about while powerwashing 19

can't believe i've been doing this for three weeks lol

The consistency of this newsletter is definitely something to behold. I personally can't believe I had it in me to publish this three consecutive weeks (not counting that week I got sick). I actually had some sort of New Year's resolution to post 104 blog posts (two per week). That was quite daunting and definitely did not work out.

What I've learned from this current go-around with writing is that you should just have a ton of posts ready in the drafts and be ready to publish them. I have a lot of posts that are basically all 95% written and just need a second look at them. Or maybe the pictures haven't been uploaded yet. But they're basically a click away from going on the internet.

There's probably something to say on signal-to-noise, where you're just posting bullshit articles that don't really have anything to say (at that point, aren't you just like GPT-2?). But if you've made it this far down it seems like I've beaten that test.

recent travels

I guess I went to Pacifica? It's a nice town on the coast of California, just south of San Francisco. Had a great time testing out out my Pentax 645 camera.

recent pics/writings

None, for I was busy this week.

animal of the week

Dogs and all are very nice, but nothing beats a cute-ass kitty cat. Coco's gotten a little chubbier since the last time I saw her but she's just as cute.

I love it when cats just sleep in weird positions, like they own the place. It just means they're super comfortable where they are and they love you! Just like Coco loves watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo!