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merry xmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Or whatever holiday you celebrate. (Shoutout to the Mitzvah Moose).

I'm tired. I don't know if it's because of the California winter-ish blues that really only creep up on you at the end of December, or maybe it's just me being genuinely fatigued from lack of a vacation (I am saving my days!). But I get lulled into this weird sleepy state whenever the temperature dips below 40F. It was even tougher in college — this warm-blooded reptile needs his sunny days.

Or maybe it's the literal winter solstice getting to me with the short days, which I think is the same concept. Or maybe it's my insistence on wearing shorts, and I'm actually catching a cold.

But after a rough week involving a lot of cat puke, this Christmas feels like a relief. Like an end — or at least a pause — to the year and everything that has come with it. I mean it's been a great year with a lot of growth and new friends and travel. But I'm going to need a break before any more of that happens.

Side note: as I'm writing this in a coffee shop, this somehow feels more and more like some type of Hallmark movie. Just a guy, living in his mom's house with his cat, working in his hometown. Friends from big cities all over the country coming back to visit. The strange feeling of knowing them, and wanting to be comfortable with them staying around for a little longer. But ultimately knowing they'll leave soon, and that life has changed.

And because you know they'll leave, you know that the time you have with them is precious. Cue Hallmark moment!

In terms of actual content for this newsletter I don't have much. I guess I could have done some type of boring special section on holiday spending or posted pictures I could have taken of how various places are dressing up for Christmas or took pictures while visiting a Christmas tree farm. But I did not. Aaaand now I'm regretting it.

But I will just take this holiday edition a little easier, and I hope you all take today a little easier as well. I think some people are cursed with hosting Christmas dinners so good luck with that.