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Welcome back everyone. Since the last time I have written this email I have moved to a different municipality (though technically in the same area) and have grown more bitter and jaded. I've decided to remodel this newsletter as more of a small life update thing in regards to photography and writing — which I'm so so SO determined to get better at.

Also we have moved to a different platform — let me know if this doesn't work for you by emailing me at [email protected].

recent writings:

recent travels: nyc

I recently hit up the Big Apple to watch Korean and Chinese people humiliate American-hired people at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden while playing video games. That's right — I flew across the country to watch grown men play League of Legends on stage.

It was actually quite an enjoyable experience, and I even met a few new friends in person for the first time. I had a great time putting names to faces and hope to see them soon :).

recent reads: circe by madeline miller

The Percy Jackson series had a large impact on my elementary school life so it goes to stand I'd love another retelling of the classical Greek mythology. Miller is somehow able to inject so much life into her characters, really giving Circe a humanizing look. Highly recommend this book, it's not very long but it felt like I was drawn into a whole other world while groveling through this book over breakfast.

animal of the week: cat

I'm dedicating this week's animal of the week to cats. I love cats, and I love my cat. I'd do anything for my cat, even when he wakes me up at 6 a.m. to feed him, and when I go to sleep with a 14 pound weight on my chest. He's a 14 pound concentrated weighted blanket, but by god he's my 14 pound concentrated weighted blanket.

Fun fact about cats: they are nearsighted!

Thanks, and see you hopefully next week with some blog posts to share.