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things i think about while powerwashing 70

Hi all!

Not much this week — remember to watch the Purdue basketball game later today!

anonymous subscriber news

We had such a good week last week ... what's going on ... feeling like Minyoung seeing Jinseok coming back with Minji ....

  • anonymous subscriber fixed their air mattress pump by themselves and never have they felt more like an engineer
  • anonymous subscriber is going to a boat party

top 3 tunez: patrick

Esteemed subscriber patrick submitted just one link with no explanation so I pass it on to my subscibers with no further comment:

Anything from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPbaYJpK_sw

Submit your top 3 tunez here! https://forms.gle/o4UChktzPh3T7Z1u8

animal of the week

my friend’s orange cat! his name is chicken. his himbo energy is out of this world.- esteemed subscriber Alisa Reynya

For some reason, naming a cat chicken seems weird to me, but fits an orange cat. Similar to how orange cats are just the way they are, chickens are as kooky as them. Still ... chicken??? Orange ... chicken. Panda Express????

Anyway, remember to send me your animal photos at [email protected]. Looking forward to them all!