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things i think about while powerwashing 65

things i think about while powerwashing 65

Yeah yeah, it's president's day on Monday. Meaning some of us are going to get this off, and the others will be at work on Monday. Thankfully I will not be sitting at my office desk and instead will be huddled under a blanket at 8am come February 19th, but unfortunately we got about 16 respondents who said they would be working.

Let's dig into the results! Sorry for the jank since I haven't written a stats-based report in a long while.

So thankfully, most of my subscribers have it off but ... not by much.

Surprisingly, California is a clean 50/50 split and it really seems like it depends on the company, as even across industries it's split on whether Monday is off.

I know one of these people working on Monday works at Apple, which does have a full company shut down later in the year for multiple weeks, so I don't really feel to bad for them. But it's nice to have a small break most months.

Even in Texas it seems to be pretty 50/50 — and I for some reason I really expected this to be more skewed toward not having it off.

Here's a distribution of industries that have the day on and off.

Other quick hits:

  • I really expected aerospace to be fully off on a federal holiday, but it turned out to be half-and-half (two responses).
  • Federal government, shockingly, is totally off on 2/19 (one response).
  • Journalism, predictably, still has work on 2/19 (one response).
  • Nobody who does engineering has it off (presumably real engineering, not software engineering) (also, three respondents).
  • Consulting is similarly split 50/50. The consultant in DC will be at the office on Monday, but the one in Illinois (Chicago?) is staying home.

If you're interested in the full dataset, you can find it here.

anonymous subscriber news

Time moves on anons. But you know who will never move on? Anonymous subscriber news. Submit your tips today! https://forms.gle/2MABf8jNr2V8kEY87

  • anonymous subscriber is going to go on a bike ride after 3+ years
  • anonymous subscriber had a stressful project but it helped them get better at figma
  • I am down bad editor's note: kept formatting on this because it was funny
  • anonymous subscriber got into 3rd car accident in 6 months 😭
  • anonymous subscriber is reading good morning monster by Catherine Gildiner
  • anonymous subscriber feels like they are drifting away from old college friends as their interests change, which would be fine and dandy IF they had a group of adult friends to fall back on ;-; editor's note: reach out, whoever you are! i am here for you!!!!
  • anonymous subscriber finally has Covid after dodging it for 4 years and still feel guilty staying home. But hey, who else has watched “Suits”?

top 3 tunez: alisa reynya

Keeping along with top 3 tunez we have esteemed subscribe Alisa Reynya! She brings an interesting mix of indie artists as well as some Russian artists are pretty interesting. Remember to submit your top 3 tunez via the google form! https://forms.gle/o4UChktzPh3T7Z1u8

  • Гулянка (Gulyanka): okay well if you want something extremely obscure haha i’ve been listening to this ukrainian artist named Verka Serduchka, she’s basically a drag queen who started making music in drag as a bit and most of her music is like clubby and kind of a meme but also sometimes so good. she has this song called Гулянка (Gulyanka) and it’s mostly about going out and partying but then in the chorus she has this line where she says “ukraine hasn’t died yet if we’re partying like this” and it makes me cry lmao. there’s just smth so jarring and yet true to life about having a line like that in a raucous party song?? and i feel like it says smth so real about like,,, the importance of joy and lightheartedness in dark times
  • all my girls like to fight by hope tala: sick beat and the overall vibes are just immaculate
  • so special by muna: specifically the sxsw live version bc i am a muna simp and that one feels tender

animal of the week

Pelicans, from esteemed subscriber Emi Chan

Esteemed subscriber Emi Chan is back to carry the section with animals. Here we have some hungry pelicans waiting for their change for some easy food. The bait is for the fish, not you guys ...

"Pelicans waiting for fish guts or our fishing line. They were so persistent we’d sometimes cast our line and they’d grab the bait on the hook before it could sink." - Emi Chan

Remember to submit your animals to me at [email protected]! Please!!!! PETS ANIMALS ANYTHING AHHHH