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things i think about while powerwashing 62

things i think about while powerwashing 62

When this newsletter just started out, I wrote it on something called Substack. It's basically a free to use newsletter platform where all the features you could possibly want in a newsletter platform (easy migration of subscribers, easy premium content, etc.) was all nicely integrated in. And best of all, if you were big enough you could be a Substack Partner and they would give you a lot of nice benefits like health care, a stipend, and even legal help if needed.

But if you're reading this you're probably not a big-time newsletter writer. And maybe your new years resolution was that you wanted to get started on a newsletter! Despite all those benefits for big time newsletter writers, Substack is a great platform to get started on. But there are others!

The three main ones (that I think about) and that I'll briefly touch on are Substack, Ghost (which is what I use now), and Beehiiv.

First, Substack. Basically think about it like ... the Twitter of the newsletter world? There's a lot of integrations, it's easy to set up paid newsletters, and it literally integrates with Twitter! I have a few subscribers to this newsletter that I would never get in real life (Hi Dave Bangert my old email doesn't work anymore) and it's all because your newsletter will get recommended to your mutual followers.

And then they went and added a whole bunch of social media-ish features that they didn't need. Also some of the biggest names in newsletter writing are in there! TLDR: use this if you're a casual newsletter writer and are just trying to have some fun.

Second, Ghost! Ghost is an open source blogging platform (meaning the source code is available online for everyone). The biggest barrier to using this is definitely the price — if you don't host it on your own webserver, you'll have to pay to use the service. Using Ghost is a little more like driving a manual car, there's a lot of things you have to hook up yourself, but it can be fairly rewarding if you're into that!

TLDR on this one: not recommended at all unless you have your own server. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU DO THOUGH.

Third, Beehiv. First of all I don't know a lot about this platform, but it feels like the Instagram of all these platforms. It looks kind of like Substack but with a more hip edge? It feels like it's all self-contained in a single app as opposed to separate emails? I'm not entirely sure what's up with this.

That being said, it is free to start out with. So maybe it's worth a shot!

anonymous subscriber news

I don't know who the last anonymous subscriber is. But you are inspiring buddy. I'm rooting for you, I don't know where you live now (cross-continental move from Jersey to NYC??) but you are also keeping this section alive. Keep it up, keep us updated!!!!!! And you all can do that at the Google Form link: https://forms.gle/Gq92Jmf1YsjfLXPP6

  • anonymous subscriber caught some sort of virus and was fatigued and chilly for a whole day but then they think they got over it
  • anonymous subscriber is currently reading Anxious People by Fredrik Backman
  • anonymous subscriber just found out a bunch of their friends are moving away this year and are saddened
  • anonymous subscriber is going to watch an ice hockey game. Is ice hockey fun? Please advise
  • anonymous subscriber visited NYC, fell hard for a friend, and is considering uprooting their life just to be in the same timezone without the slightest guarantee of anything happening

around the powerwasher

In the spirit of being somewhat of a community newsletter, I have decided that I will share things that my friends make. If you post anything funny, please send!

animal of the week

Esteemed subscriber Emi Chan has returned to save the animal section. This here is her cousin's dog Kuro (age 14). It's always so great to see dogs here, especially when they are HEROES. Kuro has apparently survived multiple attacks from other dogs, and being hit by a car. In Emi's words: "he's a trooper!"