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things i think about while powerwashing 22

Welcome back. The holidays are here and we are all just victims to the capitalistic rush of blood to head, as ominous and threatening as the wave of Mariah Carey coming for us. And Michael Buble, but honestly I'm kind of a fan of him.

To give everyone a small personal update and a break from the ChatGPT rant I did last week, A lot of friends are visiting and have been visiting from Purdue, and it's been kind of cool. I get to introduce them to my area just like they did their darnedest to convince me that Indiana is awesome. Got the message guys, but still not convinced. Can I entertain you with some tide pools?

I also spent last weekend going tide pooling and also got to attend a latte art competition! I think I'm going to write a little thing on the latte art competition so be on the look out for that, but in short I learned that I could probably go to any competitive event and be convinced that it was ready for prime time ESPN.

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tide pooling is cool, as are latte art competitions

animal of the week

Mulligan, courtesy of Nathan Cohen. Good girl! 

I think this is an old photo because it's about dressing a dog up as a bat. Or maybe Mulligan is a superhero, and she protects us from the Bad People. I've never dressed up my cat Simba as anything because he absolutely hates it and never fits in the costumes I give him (he's fat). Anyway, SEND ME YOUR PET PHOTOS.