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things i think about while powerwashing 20

im writing this from a boba shop. also note this was supposed to be posted FOUR WEEKS AGO

Remember those days when you;d go to coffee shops to write, hang out with friends, or do things. Yeah me too. It felt like college was just a bunch of that but now we're just all posted up in our bedrooms doing our thing.

This might just be a Bay Area thing.

Either way, I'm enjoying this experience. I have to say that the coffee shops at Purdue were quite a bit more lively. Vienna's late night crowd was definitely lively to say the least. I guess that's the one part I miss about college, but as I get older I really need my sleep lol.

I guess the only thing I can hope for is that they gave me an actual decaf latte.

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I have not taken legit portraits in a bit, so here are some "legit portraits" featuring esteemed subscriber Winifred Li.

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Bartlett, submitted by Sydney Greenwood. submit your pet photos to [email protected]

And we're back at cats again. I am very very happy that you all love cats. This one is Bartlett, hailing out of Indiana (lol). He looks pretty satisfied despite knowing his state of residence, so hats off to you Bartlett.