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things i think about while powerwashing 81

things i think about while powerwashing 81

Hello friendos, I am once again On The Road and am writing this from my hotel room. i am very tired and am very sorry I missed the last newsletter but I was sick! What was I to do.

Instead of funny words take some pictures and anonymous subscriber news.

Ok here are some small updates:

  • I got sick
  • I started watching NCIS
  • I started shooting film again
  • I got a new job (old news)
  • I got some new toys for Simba!

anonymous subscriber news

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  • anonymous subscriber is pondering what makes for a successful long term relationship
  • Brad says mavs in 7
  • anonymous subscriber is trying to finish spring cleaning, got an 8-in-1 scrubber that comes later in the week (probably here before the next newsletter drops). Also can’t wait for a midweek holiday
  • anonymous subscriber bought new shoes because IU reps them
  • anonymous subscriber says The last Kiwami Japan video came out a year ago and that is sad


I’m tired. See yall next week!

animal of the week

Jk here’s a bird I saw while on a hike. been trying to be a birder lately and it’s honestly quite fun, like playing Pokemon. send me your animals at [email protected]!